The Story of Little Babaji

Over on Mrs. Motleys Crew, we've been talking about our homeschooling study unit on India. To break up some of our informational texts, I checked out quite a few picture books from our local library to go along with our study. One of our favorites has been this book, The Story of Little Babaji!

The Story of Little Babaji
Written by Helen Bannerman
Illustrated by Fred Marcellino

Little Babaji ends up with some very fine clothes, but soon he finds it's going to be hard to hold onto them. With cunning and stubborn tigers, a pair of whitey tideys, and an unexpected ending, this book kept Ana's interest far after the book was over.

This book has story repetition which was helpful for Ana to predict parts of the story and made her laugh at the prospect of what was going to happen next. She was fully invested in the story, so when the surprise ending came, she was shocked and yelled "NOOOOOO!"

The illustrations of this book help further the message and give important clues to the settings. The tigers are perfect and the poses of Babaji through the story struck me as perfectly exaggerated.

Out of all of our picture books we pulled for this study unit, this one was by far our favorite. We've read it multiple times and it never gets boring. I'm seriously thinking about ordering our own copy because of the lesson it teaches about stubbornness and being clever!